The Management Group, Inc.

Dress Policy - OUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE                        

The Management Group, Inc. is a real estate services company serving a diverse range of clients.  It's your professional efforts that reflect our public image and make our customers' and clients’ experience enjoyable.  The Company considers it very important that you are well groomed, neat, and dress appropriately for your job function and the type of client you serve.  While we trust each employee’s common sense and good judgment, and appreciate individuality, this dress code policy has been implemented to provide you with dress attire expectations and will be monitored by your immediate supervisor.

While some positions may call for more professional attire, others may call for business casual, construction site garments or uniforms.  Appropriate dress and hygiene are important in promoting a positive Company image to our customers, both internally and externally.  Evaluating professional dress is challenging and often based on personal opinions, so HR has partnered with supervisors and managers to help clarify this policy.  Please contact your immediate supervisor or manager if you are unsure about a particular item. 



The Company wishes to provide a work environment that is free of safety hazards, offensive behavior and harassment of any kind.  Therefore, the following clothing is NOT ACCEPTABLE: spandex, bare feet, cargo pants, shorts, gym attire or any article worn below the waistline with skin showing or mini type skirts falling at or above mid-thigh, sexually provocative clothing, clothing of sheer or clingy fabrics, clothing that reveals cleavage, or any halter or string strap type of clothing less than 3” at the shoulder, clothing of any kind promoting competitor products, clothing with profanity or gang related symbols, nude or semi-nude pictures, sexually suggestive slogans, cartoons, or drawings, the observable lack of undergarments or exposed undergarments. Clothing should be a good fit.  Not too small or tight, and not too baggy or loose. 

  • No leggings of any type.
  • Garments are to be clean, pressed, hemmed and fit properly.  Clothing must not appear excessively worn or old. 
  • Fragrances should be used sparingly, out of respect for those with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Maternity clothes must follow the guidelines as described in this policy.
  • Tattoos above the waist are required to be covered during business appointments and meetings with clients and customers.
  • Jewelry should be of a professional nature and appropriate for your position. Tongue studs or other facial piercing are not acceptable. 
  • Appropriate footwear is required for different job functions.  See the section that pertains to you.  Flip flops, casual sandals, slippers and sport style shoes are not acceptable regardless of the job function you perform.
  • Personal grooming standards: Your hair should be clean, combed and neatly trimmed.  Shaggy, unkempt hair is not permissible      regardless of length.  Fad hairstyles including, but not limited to, extreme unnatural coloring of hair, dreadlocks, Mohawks, or unconventional cuts are not permitted.  Facial hair on male employees must be neatly groomed and of a conservative appearance.  Neatly trimmed beards and mustaches are acceptable.


Office Environment - Every Day Attire

Locations:  Corporate office, branch offices and On Site Offices

Dress shirts without a tie, blouses or sweaters, dress slacks, dresses and skirts with appropriate shoe wear are acceptable every day business attire.  Footwear should be appropriate to your Every Day Attire i.e. dress shoes, loafer, pumps.  Open toed and open heeled dress shoes or sandals are acceptable when feet are clean and well groomed. 


Office Environment

Professional Dress Attire for Business Appointments and Meetings

Locations:  Corporate office, branch offices and On Site Offices

A business suit or sport coat with slacks, skirt, dress shirt with a tie or blouse.  Footwear should be appropriate to your Professional Dress Attire i.e. dress shoes, loafer, pumps.  Open toed and open heeled dress shoes or sandals are acceptable when feet are clean and well groomed.  Tattoos above the waist are required to be covered during business appointments and meetings with clients and customers.

When you are conducting or attending meetings, seminars, roundtables, etc. where you come in contact with other business professionals, clients and customers, you are expected to represent the Company in a professional manner and dress appropriately for conducting such business by following the Professional Dress Attire section of this policy.  Know your audience, remember what you represent and dress accordingly.  If you are unsure of the appropriate attire for a seminar, please contact your supervisor or HR department.


Construction Sites, Property Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance and Housekeeping

Depending on the property or project you work at the Company may issue uniforms.  If your property has been provided logo apparel you will have shirts and jackets to wear whenever performing your duties.  In addition to the General Guidelines for all employees listed above the following criteria applies:

  • Logo apparel may be worn in the form of polo, crew T-shirts, jackets and hats.      
  • Uniforms, if provided, should be well kept and clean at all times utilizing the on site cleaning services.
  • Casual slacks, Docker type or denim jeans may be worn.  If applicable, it is requested that you do not paint in logo apparel and wear appropriate painter whites or overalls.  Bib overalls are not appropriate.
  • Hats with or without TMG, property or construction site logo’s may be worn for weather protection.
  • Boots, outdoor footwear, lace up shoes, tennis shoes are appropriate footwear.
  • Durable shoes with closed toes must be worn at the work sites.  Sandals are not acceptable.  Shoes or boots with heavy soles are highly recommended for construction sites.


Clubhouse Attendant

  • Uniforms, if provided, should be well kept and clean at all times utilizing the on site cleaning services.
  • Casual slacks or Dockers may be worn with a TMG logo shirt (if uniforms are not provided).
  • Loafer type shoes and Tennis shoes in good condition are appropriate.


If your position is a dual position (i.e. working in both management/leasing office and you are also responsible for carrying out maintenance and painting duties) you are expected to look professional while performing all of your duties.  When you have multiple tasks to perform on your property whenever possible change to the appropriate clothing for your various functions. 


TMG Business Casual Friday

The objective in establishing a business casual Friday is to allow employees to work comfortably and productively in the workplace and add a little fun to the day.  Yet, we still need employees to project a professional image for our customers, potential employees, and community visitors.

  • Sweaters, blouses, blazers, or other professional shirt attire may be worn.
  • Casual slacks, Docker type pants and like new denim jeans may be worn. 
  • Shoes must be polishable and in good repair.  Tennis shoes and rugged outdoor footwear is not acceptable unless your job functions include property maintenance, construction, and housekeeping or clubhouse attendant.

Employees having formal business meetings or client appointments on Fridays or Property Tour Day should dress in professional meeting attire as described earlier in this policy.


Property Tour Day attire is the same as TMG Business Casual Friday.



It is our intent to allow employees to express themselves as individuals; however, having respect for each other, our clients and customers and TMG polices is essential.  Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring their departmental personnel are meeting expectations.  Supervisors reserve the right to inform employees of inappropriate attire and may send any person home to change.  The time spent away from work for this reason will follow Attendance Policy guidelines and will be unpaid time away from the office.  Where an employee’s clothing is questionable, the Team Leader or Supervisor has first discretion and will follow the normal chain of command.  If you wish to report non-compliance, contact your immediate supervisor.