The Management Group, Inc.


The Management Group, Inc maintains a drug and alcohol-free workplace.  The use of controlled substances or alcohol is inconsistent with the behavior expected of employees, and subjects fellow employees and visitors to our Company to unacceptable safety risks.


You must not report for duty or perform work while, in our sole discretion, you are under the influence of or impaired by any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or other intoxicant.  You are under the influence if you are affected by a controlled substance or alcoholic beverage to any perceptible degree, in our sole discretion, or if any trace of a controlled substance or alcoholic beverage is present in your system.  If the employee comes to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol or uses drugs or alcohol during work time, the employee will be disciplined in accordance to the policy up to and including termination.


The following rules regarding alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace have been established.

1.       The manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, sale, purchase, or use of a controlled substance on Company property is prohibited.

2.       Being under the influence of or impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs on Company property or while engaged in Company business is prohibited.

3.       The unauthorized use or possession of prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs on Company property is prohibited.

4.       Employees who violate this Policy are subject to appropriate disciplinary action including termination.

5.       The Policy applies to all employees of the Company regardless of rank or position and includes temporary and part-time employees.


Testing can occur in the following instances:

1.  Pre-employment process

3.  Reasonable suspicion of policy violation

4.  Injury involving employee(s) causing or contributing to the injury

5.  On-the-job accident


Testing results will remain confidential unless disclosure is required for legal process.


General Policy Provisions

Any of the following actions constitutes a violation of the Policy and may subject an employee to disciplinary action including immediate termination:

1.  Using, selling, purchasing, transferring, possessing, manufacturing, or storing an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, or attempting or assisting another to do so, while in the course of employment or engaged in a Company sponsored activity, on premises, in owned, leased or rented vehicles, or on Company business.

2.  Working or reporting to work, conducting Company business, or being on premises or in a Company-owned, leased or rented vehicle while under the influence of an illegal drug, alcohol, or in an impaired condition.

3.  Switching, adulterating, or attempting to tamper with any sample submitted for medical testing, or otherwise interfering or attempting to interfere with the testing process.


Prescription/Over-the-Counter Drugs

If you are taking prescription or over the counter drugs which could cause injury to yourself or others in your job duties, you must inform your supervisor prior to beginning work in writing of the possible effects of such medication regarding job performance and physical/mental capabilities or safety of yourself or others.  This will allow reasonable accommodation if necessary.  All medical information will be kept confidential by the employer. 


Reasonable Suspicion/Accident

If you appear to be under the influence of a controlled substance or alcoholic beverage, the Company may require you to submit to appropriate tests to determine the existence of a prohibited substance in your system.


If you are injured on the job or involved in an accident on the job, the Company may require its employees to submit to a drug and alcohol test.  Refusal to submit to testing may result in termination of employment.  Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.


Coordination With Law Enforcement Agencies

The sale, use, purchase, transfer, or possession of an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia is a violation of the law.  The Company may report information concerning possession, distribution, or use of any illegal drugs or paraphernalia to law enforcement officials and may turn over to the custody of law enforcement officials any such substances or paraphernalia found during a search of an individual or property.  Searches may be conducted of individuals and company owned vehicles that have been assigned to them, lockers, desks, or closets in our discretion as they are Company property.  The Company will cooperate fully in the prosecution and/or conviction of any violation of the law.